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Save the Dolphins        by Donoghue and Wheeler

This important and timely book celebrates the  beauty and wonder of the world’s dolphins and small whales, and makes a plea to save the many species that are acutely endangered. It identifies and describes the threats currently facing these wise and gentle creatures, such as “wall of death” nets, purse-seining, and even hunting or deliberate harassment by humans.
Also included is a section on how inshore habitats have become so polluted that, for example, the belugas of the St. Lawrence Seaway are now sterile and doomed to extinction. Dolphins are deliberately pursued and slaughtered near Japan, S. America, and the Black Sea for they compete with commercially valued fish, and are used for food, fertilizer, and even crab bait.
From Asia to South America come accounts of the most endangered dolphins of all: small river-dwelling species, such as the Ganges River dolphins, which are very restricted in distribution and are now  extremely rare due to  hunting and habitat destruction. Many of the superb color photographs show dolphins swimming free and wild, while others provide irrefutable evidence of a major international conservation problem.
On a positive note, the book details initiatives for conservation from international organizations such as Greenpeace, and protective measures being put into place by coastal states, giving hope that our “friends in the sea” may have a brighter future.
Michael Donoghue (graduate of the universities of London and Southampton, U.K) is now Principal Conservation Officer, Marine Mammals Div., with the New Zealand Dept. of Conservation. He was  involved with the Int. Whaling Commission as a delegate on the Commission’s Scientific Committee; has also represented Greenpeace, the Antarctic and South Ocean coalitions by lobbying IWC meetings, antarctic minerals negotiations, and the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. He is also trying to save New Zealand’s Hector’s dolphin.
Annie Wheeler is a freelance writer and editor. A graduate of Canterbury University, New Zealand, she has worked on a number of books dealing with that country’s wilderness areas. For many years she was an active conservationist, helping to protect the country’s native forests and wild places from logging and mining. She is now working for the Department of Conservation, and is helping to coordinate national efforts to combat marine debris pollution.

#267 Hardcover, 7 1/2" x 10", 119 pp, many color photos ...…Eur 31,20

The Sea Anchor & Drogue Book Illustrated
by Daniel S. Shewmon

This is how the book begins. From there on one good lesson follows another. Author Daniel C. Shew­mon is an accomplished seaman, having cruised the Great Lakes, the Florida Keys & the Gulf of Mexico. He has a BS in Engineering from Lehigh University, and manufactures sea anchors and drogues in his Safety Harbor, Florida shop.
This unusually shaped book is a treasure chest of instructions for those caught at sea in a storm.
First the book deals with terminology, unlike other books that put the terminology last (thus you struggle through reading the text and constantly flip to the back), in this book you first get acquainted with the right words and their meanings.
There are good chapters on:
• what is a sea anchor,
• how it is used,
• why is it shaped the way it is,
• how is it rigged,
• and then deployed,
• how to recover it and care for it.
• Sea anchoring for heavy weather,
• Sails converted to sea anchors,
• Tables related to sea anchors.
The second part of the book deals with drogues and general information:• leeway for sea anchors & drogues,
• poor sea anchor & drogue substitutes,
• materials and equipment,
• recommended books.

#183 Softcover, 176 pages, many photos, drawings & charts. 5 1/4" x 11," printed in dark blue ink ...…Eur 24,95

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
by Nicholas Tomalin & Ron Hall

“The authors, basing their findings on the extensive internal evidence in the log and tape recordings left on board when he apparently threw himself into the sea, have endeavored here to tell us the whole story of Donald Crowhurst, and they have written a masterpiece.” …THE NEW YORKER.
... one of the most moving and disturbing books I have ever read. I don’t think I shall ever forget it.” …THE WASHINGTON POST.
In The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, authors Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall tell the riveting story of a man whose desire for world fame resulted in tragedy. A competitor in the Golden Globe, the first single-handed, nonstop around-the-world sailboat race, Donald Crowhurst set out from England in the autumn of 1968. But eight months later his trimaran was found in the middle of the Atlantic, structurally intact with no one on board.
In this journalistic masterpiece, Tomalin and Hall explain how, motivated by a grandiose need to be a hero to his sponsors, his wife, and his country, Crowhurst meticulously faked his position reports to have him leading the race, when in fact he was sailing back and forth in the South Atlantic.
Ultimately, Crowhurst, distraught over his deception, apparently committed suicide by jumping off his boat. The authors detail every aspect of this amazing, bizarre story: Crowhurst’s growing distrust of his boat; his first decision to attempt one of the greatest hoaxes of our time; the lying radio transmissions; the ‘triumphal’ return up the Atlantic as the elapsed-time leader; his steady mental deterioration; and the incredible ending.
Originally published in 1970, The Strange, Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst is both a suspenseful narrative and a psychological casebook of ambition and anguish. Well-publicized in major media and a bestseller, it left a lasting impression.
ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall (U.K.) are both leading British journalists. The late Tomalin was the literary editor for the New Statesman and was nominated “Reporter of the Year” for his coverage of the Vietnam War. Hall is one of the co-founders and the joint managing editor of the Sunday Times.
Also intrigued with the unusual voyage of Crowhurst,  the French made a movie about it in late 1980s.
In smaller format and with a mini-budget, Peter Rowe, Rosebud Film Productions, made a 45-min. video version of this tantalizing story. Crowhurst was renamed Philip Stockton, played by Gordon Pinsent, and the video is titled: Horse Latitudes. (It is still available through MM’s Video Sales.)

#458 Softcover, 317 pages, b&w photos and maps ...…Eur 21,20

Ook in een Nederlandse vertaling vekrijgbaar voor  ....... Eur 17,95

Surveying Small Craft – 3rd Edition    by Ian Nicolson

If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand boat, you face a transaction that will involve considerable expense. You should be aware of numerous pitfalls: dry rot, wet rot, osmosis, electrolytic action, ill-fitting hatches, suspect sails and rigging, etc...
This book sheds light into these dark corners; it tells you places to probe, and what to look for. It is a handbook for the private owner as well as the professional. It can save more than money, if a fault can be spotted before it becomes dangerous.
Ian Nicholson has worked around boats for decades. After working as a naval architect, he sailed a 45' boat from the UK to Vancouver, BC  where he founded the Ocean Cruising Club. Then he built himself a 30’ boat and sailed it back to Britain single-handed.
He has built a number of other boats since, has worked as a yachting editor and written over 20 books on marine subjects.

#447 Hardcover, 7 1/2" x 10", 216 pp, drawings and b&w photos …Eur 31,75 

The Symposium Book II

Transcript of the 1985 World Multihull Symposium
edited by Charles K. Chiodi

An informative and, in parts, very entertaining book about the differences in theories of renown designers: one man’s success is another’s failure. All is revealed in front of the audience during a panel discussion.

Burning questions, such as: which are more popular, catamarans or trimarans? What drives the designers’ minds? Headline success of ocean racing vs. making a comfortable living at designing cruising multihulls? What about boat-breaking stresses, and who knows the most about these? What and where are the production multihulls?  If you are buying a new or used boat, what should you look for, and what avoid? Randy Smyth tells about how sails will (or will not) drive your boat, and what you should know about rig tuning to get the best performance from your boat, even if you are just out sailing around. This, and much solid information laced with some intriguing controversies, as well as MM’ UK Representative Patrick Boyd’s witty humor, make this book a great value.

#187 Softcover, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2", 212pp, b&w photos/drawings …Eur 12,50

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