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Heavy Weather Sailing – 4th Edition

by Adlard Coles

(revised by Peter Bruce)

Since this book was first published in 1967, it has become the standard work on seamanship under gale conditions. Over 100,000 copies have been printed in the English language, and it has been translated into French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, and Spanish.

This much-expanded edition is the first thorough revision in 16 years. Twenty new chapters from expert contributors on both sides of the Atlantic cover modern hull shapes and rigs, the latest gear and strategies for outlasting storms at sea, and advances in weather knowledge. There are also chapters on powerboat and (of special interest to our readers) multihull management in heavy weather.

The material carried over from the third edition remains as gripping and useful as ever. Under such titles as “September Hurricane” and “Twice Rolled Over,” spine-tingling we-were-there stories are told, followed by post-mortems analyzing which gear and tactics worked and which didn’t. With the aid of the comprehensive index, the sailor of a vessel designed and equipped to the standards of the 1990s will be ready for any weather.

If ever there was a definitive volume based on a lifetime’s cruising and racing, and which profited from the knowledge of experienced yachtsmen and organizations, this is it.

Adlard Coles sailed and cruised for more than 50 years, taking up ocean racing after WW II. His experience in gale conditions made him a frequent winner in heavy-weather races. He won the 1950 Transatlantic Race, followed by many other successes, which led to his being elected Yachtsman of the Year in 1957. He continued ocean racing for 10 more years, and also cruised extensively. In 1969, he was awarded the Royal Cruising Club medal for services to cruising; and in ’71, the gold medal of the Royal Institute of Navigation. He died in 1985.

During many years of seagoing in the Royal Navy, Peter Bruce encountered extraordinary rough winter weather in the mid-Atlantic, off Nova Scotia and Cape Town, and in typhoons off Japan and Baja California.  He achieved a string of victories in his own yachts in all weather conditions, with his most remarkable results being won during the stormiest weather; and he twice was on Britain’s winning Admiral’s Cup team.

#138 Softcover, 71/4" x 10", 411pp, index, many drawings and b&w photos
Eur 49,95





How to Build Boat Trailers – 2nd Edition

by Glen L. Witt

The book’s foreword says it best: “Should you build your own boat trailer or purchase a ready-made one? There’s no definite answer to this question. In many instances the type of boat trailer needed can be obtained and at a very reasonable cost. In other cases, either a practical trailer cannot be purchased, or major revisions would be required to adapt the trailer to the boat or launching conditions. This book is intended to clarify the problems of trailer boating as well as cover the parts and methods used in trailer construction. Through the knowledge gained it is our hope that your boat trailering will become more enjoyable whether you buy or build your own. After all, the only purpose of a boat trailer is to get your boat to and from the water so you can enjoy boating to its fullest extent.” The various chapters deal with the: Axles; Springs; Wheels, Hubs and Tires; Wheel Bearings; Trailer Brakes, Frames, Couplers; Tongue Stands and Wheels; Boat Forms; Trailer Winches, Lights, and Hitches; Boat Launching and Retrieving; and Trailer Handling.

#463 Softcover, 8 1/2” x 11”, 110 pp, b&w photos & drawings …Eur  23,50





How to Fiberglass Boats – 2nd Edition

by Ken Hankinson, N.A.

This is a general “how-to” book on covering boats with fiberglass when used in conjunction with a variety of types of resins. With minor modifications, the information given in it can be used to suit one’s specific requirements.

It is written in an informal style, and is based on both the author’s and others’ personal experiences, and on research and testing by other designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and technical people in this field.

One of the prime purposes of this book is to tell the reader how and why fiberglass failures occur, in order to dispel his fear and anxiety about using the material.

Contents: Why Cover a Boat with Fiberglass?; Fiberglass Materials:  Resins, How Much Will You Need?; Tools & Equipment; Fiberglassing Old Boats; How to Use the Materials; How Fiberglass Boats Are Made; One-off Construction Methods; Vectra Polypropylene Fiber Fabric; Dynel Modacrylic Fiber Fabric; Arabol Glue and Fabric Sheathing; Cascover Sheathing Process; Safety.

#140 Softcover, 8 1/2” x 10 3/4”, 128pp, b&w photographs …Eur 23,50



Independent Energy Guide

by Kevin Jeffrey

With this comprehensive guide you can plan the ideal independent power system for your home, boat, or RV. You’ll understand how a power system works, be able to talk intelligently with equipment suppliers about your needs, and have the necessary tools to make and manage your own electricity. Beyond the efficient production and consumption of electrical power, this book offers a window of independent living to the world.

The author shows that living independently does not mean doing without. This book supersedes the author’s previous work, Boatowner’s Energy Planner, now out of print.

Independent Energy Guide has five parts:

Part I: The Basics;

Part II: DC Charging Sources;

Part III: AC Power Systems;

Part IV: Storing, Monitoring & Using Electrical Power;

Part V: Sizing & Selecting Your System

Each Part has several Chapters: Concepts; Solar Power; Wind-, Water-, Engine-driven generators; Battery Charging; Inverters; System Monitoring; Efficiency; and much more. The author is a regular contributor to MM, and writes an energy column for each issue.

#149 Softcover, 7" x 9 1/2", b&w photos, wiring schematics …Eur 24,95




John Shuttleworth Multihull Designs

by John Shuttleworth

This 120 booklet is a photocopy collection of Shuttleworth’s design drawings and articles that appeared in early issues of MULTIHULLS, Multihull International, and other publications. Some good (and not-so-good) photographs and detailed drawings illustrate the designer’s work through the years from 1982 to date.

#314 Softcover, 120 pp …Eur 30,00