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Keeping Australia on the Left – 

A Catamaran Odyssey Around Australia

by Mark Stewart Darby

Dear Sue, Enclosed is an outline of the expedition I would very much like us to share. The pay is lousy, the work hard, and the hours un­-believable. You’ll eat sand and salt for a year, have days of gale-force anxiety and days of windless boredom, and above all you’ll have to put up with me! The returns on this personal investment are yours to discover. The final decision I know will not be an easy one, but please understand, either way our friendship shall always remain.

To Mark’s surprise, Sue agreed to join him on this two-year trek around Australia. The hard work began – convincing their families, friends, and sponsors that they could succeed. They spent months raising money and designing and constructing their 16-foot catamaran named Tom Thumb, all in hopes of sailing into Perth during the America’s Cup.

The vision of the two of them sailing across the blue sea with the beautiful cliffs above sounded like a dream. The reality was quite different – it became a precari­ous adventure that unfolded among desolate seaports and motley characters that few would ever know, or appreciate.

Mark Darby is a trainer, educator, project coordinator, and manager. With formal qualifications in Parks and Recreation Management, he has coordinated outdoor education-based programs throughout the world. He taught courses for Outward Bound Australia and lectured in Leisure and Tourism Studies at the University of Technology, in Sydney. He is currently the Executive Director of the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development.

#392 Softcover, 7-1/2” x 10”, color photos, b&w maps …Eur 17,95





Keep Your Marine Diesel Running

by Richard Thiel

Written specifically for the non-mechanic, this book is a complete ’survival guide’ for the owners of diesel-powered boats of all types and sizes. Here is: how a marine diesel works; how to operate a marine diesel engine; how to care for; how to do it yourself; how to choose and deal with a mechanic; and much more.

#320 Softcover, 89 pp, 5" x 8 1/4", b&w illustrations   …Eur 14,95








Keep Your Outboard Motor Running

Care and Preventive Maintenance for the Boater

by Richard Thiel

This book was written specifically for the non-mechanic and is the complete survival guide for owners of outboard motors of all types and sizes. It addresses:

How an outboard motor works, including: ig­nition, cooling, fuel, lubrication and exhaust systems.

How to operate an outboard motor: how to provide the longest, most trouble-free life; includes daily and periodic checklists; and details proper operation from start-up to shutting down.

How to care for your outboard’s: oil, fuel, and cooling systems; how to do it yourself; how to choose and deal with a mechanic; how to do your own basic troubleshooting; and what tools and spare parts you should carry.

#306 Softcover, 5" x 8 1/4", 77 pp, b&w photos and drawings …Eur 13,75




Kelsall Catamarans

by Derek Kelsall

This 40-page, professionally produced booklet is an elegant presentation of Kelsall’s motto: “Com­­bining fresh and exciting ideas with style, variety and unmatched experience.” His design philosophy as well as his KSS building system is well documented. A list of stock designs, many fine drawings and color photographs complete this publication.

#317 40 pp, drawings, color photos …Eur 17,00







Knots and Ropework

by Eric C. Fry

Usually the difficulty in learning to tie knots is that the demonstrator is facing you and the pro­cedure is therefore being shown back to front. Here the reader sees the bights and tucks of each knot as though they were tying it, making the entire process clear and easy.

This book demonstrates, stage by stage and in 323 photographs, the tying of thirty knots, nineteen rope splices, seven decorative knots and five wire splices, covering all the basic work that yachts­men need to be familiar with, and at the same time acknowledging the artistry of Turk’s Head, crown knots and ocean mats.

#464 Hardcover, 7” x 10”, 176 pp., many b&w photos …Eur 24,95






The Magic of Dolphins

by Dr. Horace Dobbs

There has existed an extra-special relationship between dolphin and man from the earliest times on.

One reason for this is the dolphin’s love of fun and companionship. They enjoy the company of humans, diving beneath people while they are swimming, riding the bow waves of boats, and even piloting them through difficult waters.

The other significant factor is the dolphin’s re­markable intelligence. Dr. Horace Dobbs describes some amazing encounters with dolphins in the wild, and demonstrates that the dolphin not only lives at peace in his habitat, but can bring happiness to humans. Dr. Dobbs, one of Britain’s pioneers of underwater photography, founded The Oxford University Research Group in 1963. He is also founder and director of International Dolphin Watch. Although a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, he gave up a career in medical and veterinary research in order to devote his life to his passion for dolphins.

#309 Softcover, 6 1/2" x 8 1/2", 88pp, many color and b&w photos …Eur 12,50