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Sailing Designs – Sail and Power

A Portfolio of Multihulls

by Kurt Hughes Sailing Designs

Up-to-date, uncompromising multihulls available today; designed by builders, sailors and cybertech-heads. Explaining the wonders of computer-aided design and drafting and the many applications and uses realized from it.

It shows designs galore: Daysailers, economy cruisers, 23'-60' catamarans and trimarans, high-performance multis, power multis, and charter cata­marans. It even features a 150' ferry. Trailerable designs (other than beach cat sizes) range to as large as a 32-foot trimaran. KHDS also was the original developer of the Cylinder Mold construction method which is explained in this book.

#208 Softcover, 9" x 11", 185pp, Design drawings and b&w photos galore 
Eur 30,00




Sailing Drills

How to Sail Better, Faster, Smarter, and Safer

by Rick White

Randy Smyth, Olympic Silver Medalist:

“The many mysteries that are discussed on the way home from regattas now have an answer. Rick White has virtually dissected the art of sailing into individual skills. By using time-tested, on-the-water drills, he has provided this book to elevate any sailor’s proficiency. I used these drills daily while preparing for my Silver Medal win in the 1992 Olympic campaign. Now, I’ve introduced the ’96 U.S. Olympic Team hopefuls to Rick’s methodology.

Thank you, Rick White.”

Eric Sharp, Detroit Free Press:

“In the course of 20 years of writing about sailing, I’ve met most of the world’s top skippers. I’ve also met a handful of sailors who don’t compete in high-profile events, like the America’s Cup or the Whit­bread-Around-The-World Race, but whose skills are the equal of the famous guys.”

Rick White is one of these unheralded masters, a man best known for his exploits on multihulls,  but who can climb aboard virtually anything with sails and get it from Point A to Point B faster than just about anybody else. He is also one of the world’s great sailing instructors. People who thought they were hotshot club racers come away from his seminars, after several days of intensive on-the-water drills, with some impressions:

First, they weren’t as hot as they had thought.

Second, they’ve learned a tremendous amount and are far better skippers than they were three or four days earlier.

Third, that the new knowledge is just the basics of what White knows. It would take virtually weeks to pass along all of his tricks.

That’s where Sailing Drills comes in. Distilled into 160 pages is the wisdom of years of experience, and in a form that will allow novice and expert skippers alike, to hone their skills through practice, practice, and more practice.

#468 Softcover, 6" x 9”, 160 pp …Eur 37,40





Sailing Promise –

Around the World on a Catamaran

by Alayne Main

When Alayne Main agreed to sail around the world with her husband, she could only find blissful trav­elogues and macho how-to books. There weren’t any books that told her what it was really like; so she wrote her own book that explores much more than just the countries she visited.

She was 28 years old with an exciting medical career and minimal sailing experience, but she lived up to her sailing promise. She and her husband quit their jobs, bought a 33-foot Prout catamaran and blithely sailed away...

Only to find that the challenges were immense with the storms at sea and the physical hardships, a collision with a whale, and the threat of pirates, but the greatest challenge was the emotional turmoil that their adventurous and uncertain lifestyle created.

With her relationship deteriorating, Alayne was forced to deal with her fears and understand what drove her to continue sailing across vast and unpredictable oceans – with only her husband to turn to.

After four years, they came home circumnavigators – and still married.

#385 Softcover, 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", 296 pages; b&w and some color photographs …Eur 22,50



Sailing Through Paradise –

The Illustrated Adventures of a Single-Handed Sailor

by David Harris

Eager for adventure on the high seas, David left his desk job to sail alone through the Caribbean on his 32-foot PDQ. In Sailing Through Paradise, Harris takes the reader along on his sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frightening cruise through the West Indies. His delightful writing style enlivens descriptions of his day-to-day experiences while sailing through the waters near:

• The Bahamas

• The Turks and Caicos

• Hispaniola

Those who are considering a similar trip will find the book informative. It touches on topics of interest such as:

• planning a route

• anchoring and anchorages

• clearing customs

Cruisers who have traveled the Caribbean will enjoy revisiting many spectacular locations through the pages of this book, and for those who only dream of ocean adventure, Sailing Through Paradise is dedicated to you.

This book is beautifully illustrated with David Harris’ color photographs, and with maps of each leg of his voyage.

#387 Soft­cover, 6" x 9", 223 pages, many color photographs and maps 
Eur 31,20


The Sailmaker’s Apprentice
by Emiliano Marino, Illustrated by Christine Erikson

With this book anyone can learn to design, make, repair, improve and maintain sails.

Chapters include the theory of sail shapes; how they are made; making your own; caring for and maintaining; repairing and restoring; and much more. The author is a long-time sailor and sailmaker with good advise on how to buy new and used sails; getting the most out of sails; trimming and adjustments; “hardware” and “software” of sails; and rigs and sails.

Black and white drawings illustrate tools of the trade as well as the details of how to make different sails. Tables show aspect ratio, proportions of selected sail types, cloth uses, reef point specifications, headboard sizes, and much more.

#288 Softcover, 480 pp …Eur 30,15





Sailor’s Multihull Guide – 3rd Edition

By Kevin Jeffrey, Charles Kanter, and Many More Contributors

“The Multihull Bible” is back, with a new updated version. With over 150 multihulls featured (66 sailing catamarans, 20 sailing trimarans, and 27 power cats) including its designer’s and builder’s information, this book proves to be a valuable source in a one-stop reference. Sections also include: Characteristics of a Cruising Multihull – Boat Classification, Cruising vs. Racing Multihulls, Good Cat/Bad Cat, Modern Concepts, Multihull Seaworthiness, Cruising Considerations; Chartering a Cruising Multihull – The Charter of Choice, Multihull Term Chartering; Getting Your Own Cruising Multihull – Buying a New Multihull, Buying a Used Multihull, Building a Multihull; Owning a Cruising Multihull – The Charter Management Option, Co-Ownership, A Marine Survey, Multihull Insurance; and Multihull Seamanship – Sailing a Cruising Multihull I, Sailing a Cruising Multihull II, Maneuvering Under Power

#424 Softcover, 488pp, …Eur 36,50      (2nd Edition: ... Eur 25,00)





Sail-Performance: Techniques To Maximize Sail Power

by C.A. Marchaj

(reviewed by Dick Newick)

Anyone with a long-standing serious interest in how and why boats sail fast is probably familiar with “Tony” Marchaj’s classic two previous books on the subject. They are big and expensive volumes, full of superb graphics, illustrations, photos and well-written text. This latest book has the same format, bringing the fortunate reader up to date on Mar­chaj’s research and interests since the pub­lication of “Aero-Hydrody­namics of Sailing” in 1979, and a revised and expanded edition in 1988. Those books will not be obsolete for a long time, so sailors may be cu­rious about how they could possibly be improved. At the same time, based on the quality of the author’s previous work, we can assume that what­ever Marchaj has written about sailboats deserves study. As a young man, he was the Polish national champion in the Finn class. Much of his working life has been spent at South­ampton Uni­versity’s test tank and wind tunnel. This reviewer is leery of raw wind tunnel data interpreted by non-sailors who can be unaware of the major changes in wind direction of the masthead of sailboat on a rough sea. No problem here. Marchaj combines the practical back­ground of a sailing cham­pion with the latest theoretical research results from tank and wind tunnel. This book will help designers, builders, and sailors make boats more efficient and faster.

Multihull sailors will be especially pleased to see the results of theo­retical and full-sized comparisons in Chapter 11 of six different small boat rigs. Bermuda sloop, Lateen, Sprit, Gunter, Dipping Lug and Crab Claw. Without the modern go-fast gadgetry available to racing sloop sail­ors, the research show that the crab claw rig as developed on Pacific is­land multihulls hundreds of years ago is the most efficient of those tested. Those old salts evolved a rig that benefited from the vortices it created. All the other rigs are less efficient because of vortex drag. They had more to teach us than simply the number of hulls they used to ex­plore more than one fifth of the world’s surface.

Chapter headings in all of Marchaj’s books start with pertinent quo­tations from a wide variety of literature. For instance, Chapter 11 men­tioned above, starts with this from Oscar Wilde: “It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is absolutely fatal.” So this reviewer should only say how much he admires and relies on  Marchaj’s work.

To start the chapter on sail trim, we have some­thing written by Thomas Spratt in 1667. “So easy is the passage from one extreme to another, and so hard it is to stop in that little point wherein the right does consist.” Other quotes from Joseph Conrad, Lord Byron, Sophocles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and others enliven the text.

The book is divided into three parts. 1. Yacht Evolution, rating for­mulae and speed performance. 2. Aerodynamics of sails, and 3. Steady and unsteady wind, plus four appendices, of which this reviewer found Reynold’s numbers and “scale effect” particularly helpful.

The technical subjects analyzed so well in this book are rendered understandably to readers with­out a mathematical education, largely because of the superb illustrations and graphs on almost every page, clearly related to the text. Sailors who con­centrate more on what hap­pens afloat than the design process will find part 3 “Steady and unsteady wind,” most helpful in racing or cruising situations.

In his Preface the author quotes Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate physicist “... the test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific truth.” We are fortunate that Marchaj has done so many important studies of boats, and has the ability to describe them well.

#252 Hardcover, 8” x 10 3/4”, 401 pp. b&w graphs, charts, formulas …Eur 68,70



Sailor’s Secrets: Advice from the Masters

by Michael Badham and Robby Robinson

Sailors’ Secrets, offers the seagoing experience of its authors, Mike Badham and Robby Robinson, along with hundreds of contributors. The names listed sound like a “Who is Who in Sailing.” Most are so well-known they are household names for multihullers and monohullers.

The tips and suggestions range through virtually any imaginable topic associated with boats... you name it, and it’s likely to be in there.

Some references and snipped quotes come from works by such authors as: Jim Brown (The Case for the Cruising Trimaran), Steve Callahan (ADRIFT- 76 days lost at sea), Alain Colas (Around the World Alone), John Glennie (The Spirit of Rose Noëlle), Garry Hoyt (Ready About*), Will Kyselka (An Ocean in Mind*), John Letcher (Self-Steering for Sailing Craft), Dr. David Lewis (We the Navigators*), C.A. Marchaj (Aero-Hydrodynamics of Sailing), John Rousmaniere (The Annapolis Book of Seamanship & Fastnet Force 10), Eric Tabarly (Pen Duick) and Chris White (The Cruising Multi­hull*), and many more. Among the contributors are such note­worthies as: Dennis Conner (America’s Cup), Meade Gougeon (WEST System), Walter Greene (designer/builder), Peter Isler (ASA), John Marples (designer), Dick Newick (designer), Bob Rice (Weather Window), and Phillip Steggall (multihull ocean racer), and many more.

#258 Hardcover, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4", 309 pp, b&w photos and drawings …Eur 37,50