Van diverse uitgevers in Engeland en Amerika betrekt EVECOM een groot aantal boeken die elders in Nederland niet of nauwelijks te vinden zijn. 

De boeken die in de EVECOM winkel in voorraad gehouden worden sluiten aan bij de andere specialisaties:
Het betreft voornamelijk boeken over Multihulls, hun bouw, hun vaareigenschappen, geschie- denis en aanverwante onderwerpen zoals multihullreizen, het leven aan boord, ankeren en navigeren, onderhoud en inrichtingen ook van zeilen en tuigage, electriciteit aan boord en diverse overlevings-systemen en hulpmiddelen.

In de loop der tijd zijn veel specialistische boeken van de markt verdwenen. EVECOM heeft ze in de eigen bibliotheek ter inzage. Deze boeken worden echter niet uitgeleend. Daarvoor zijn ze veelal te zeldzaam.

De lijst hieronder toont U voornamelijk de titels die verband houden met de bouw, het varen en het onderhouden van multihulls. Zoekt U een bepaald boek dat niet in de lijst hieronder voorkomt, belt of mailt U ons even, wellicht staat het hier toch op de plank.

Kunt U niet zelf komen uitzoeken, neem dan even contact met ons op over de verzendkosten. 

U vindt de beschrijvingen van de boeken hieronder door op de titel te klikken of op de groepcijfers. 



EVECOM BV imports directly from various publishers in the UK and USA a large number of books that are hard or not to find in regular bookshops.

The titles that are kept in stock in the EVECOM shop connect directly to its specialisms:
It concerns books about Multihulls,, their construction, sailing caracteristics, history and subjects as multihull-voyages, life on board, anchoring and navigation, maintenance and interior- and equipment layout, also of sails and rigging, electricity on board and various survival aids and appliances.

Over time many specialistic books have disappeared from the market. EVECOM keeps them in its own library where they may be consulted. These books are not  lent out; therefor they are often too rare.

The list hereunder shows you mainly the titles that are directly related to the construction, the navigation and the maintenance of multihulls.
If you are looking for a particular book that is not listed hereunder, just call us or send us an email. We may have it on our shelves after all.

If you cannot visit us at Oudega to find your book(s), please ask about our shipping charges.

You will find the descriptions of the books hereunder by clicking on the titel or view page by page.   

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440     ABCs of Boat Camping, The, by Gordon & Janet Groene     20,80
103     Advanced First Aid Afloat, by P. F. Eastman, M.D     14,95
321     Adventuring with Children, by Nan Jeffrey     18,65
415     Beachcruising and Coastal Camping, by I. Little & M.Walsh     22,50
264     Boatbuilding with Baltek DuraKore, by David G. Brown     39,95
461     Boat Data Book, 3rd Edition, by Ian Nicolson     37,50
287     Boater’s Bowditch, by Richard K. Hubbard     34,95
254     Boats to Go, by Thomas Firth Jones     27,20
202     Book of Cruising, The, Vol. 1:Introduction     12,50
400     Book of Cruising, The, Vol. 2: Cruising Around the World     24,95
296     Catamaran Racing for the 90’s, by Rick White & Mary Wells    39,95
101     CATAMARANS, Every Sailor’s Guide, by Gregor Tarjan     48.95
064     Chartering a Boat, by Chris Caswell     37,50
223     Chasing the Dream, by Val Haigh     21,20
119     Complete Book of Anchoring & Mooring, The, by Earl Hinz     35,55
120     Complete Loran-C Handbook, The, by Luke Melton     19,95
122     Cooking on the Go, by Janet Groene     11,20
470     Cruising Catamaran Communiqué, by Charles E. Kanter   37,50  
     Cruising is Contagious, by Charles E. and Corinne C. Kanter  18,70
311     Cruising Multihull, The, by Chris White (now soft cover)     27,50
339     Cruising with Children, by Gwenda Cornell     20,75
372     DDDB, Drag Device Data base, 4th Edition, by Victor Shane  39,95
327     Diesel Engines, (operation & maintenance), by Leo Block     14,95
130     Emergency Navigation, by David Burch     21,20
390     Fatal Storm, by Rob Mundle     27,20
133     Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amateurs, by Ken Hankinson     44,95
138     Heavy Weather Sailing, 4th Edition, p/b, by K. Adlard Coles     49.95
     How to Fiberglass Boats, 2nd Edition, by Ken Hankinson     23,50
149     Independent Energy Guide, by Kevin Jeffrey     24,95
314     John Shuttleworth’s Multihull Designs,  by John Shuttleworth  30,00
392     Keeping Australia on the Left, by Mark Stewart Darby     17,95
320     Keep Your Marine Diesel Running, by Richard Thiel     14,95
306     Keep Your Outboard Motor Running, by Richard Thiel     13.75
317     Kelsall Catamarans, by Derek Kelsall     17,00
464     Knots and Ropework, by Eric C. Fry     24,95
309     Magic of Dolphins, The, by Dr. Horace Dobbs     12,50
253     Managing 12 Volts, by Harold Barre     24,95
459     Marine Electrical & Electronics Bible, by John C. Payne     41,95
241     Marine Salvage, by Capt. George H. Reid     29,40
Multihull Cruising Fundamentals, by Rick White          17,50
     Multihull Seamanship Illustrated, by Gavin LeSueur     27,65
     Multihull Voyaging, by Thomas Firth Jones     27,20
106     Ocean in Mind, An, by Will Kyselka     19,35
404     Oceanography and Seamanship, by William Van Dorn     56,20
250     Onboard Medical Handbook, The, by Paul G. Gill, Jr. M.D.     22,50
160     Osmosis, by Tony Staton-Bevan     24,95
383     Pelinta, by Francis and Joan Smith     33,20
259     Perfect Storm, The, by Sebastian Junger     9,95
419     Polar Passage, by Jeff McInnis     16,25
     Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships, by Cyrus Hamlin     40,70
193     Rescue in the Pacific, byTony Farrington     16,25
280     Return in the Wake, by Kathy Hawkins     16,25
208     Sailing Designs, by Kurt Hughes     30,00
468     Sailing Drills, by Rick White     37,40
385     Sailing Promise, by Alayne Main     22,50
387     Sailing Through Paradise, by David Harris     31,20
288     Sailmaker’s Apprentice, by Emiliano Marino    30,15
252     Sail Performance, by C A Marchaj     68,70
Sailor's Multihull Guide, Vol 3, by Kevin Jeffrey     36,50    
     Sailor’s Secrets, by Michael Badham & Robby Robertson     37,50
255     Sails: The Way They Work..., by Derek Harvey     24,95
     Save the Dolphins, by Michael Donoghue & Annie Wheeler     31,20
183     Sea Anchor & Drogue Book, The, by Daniel C. Shewmon     24,95
458     Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, The, by Tomalin   21,20
447     Surveying Small Craft, by Ian Nicolson     31,75
187     Symposium Book II, Transcript of Symposium     12,50
457     Taking Terrapin Home, by Mathew Wilson     18,15
182     The Line, by Gavin LeSueur     38,70
398     The Race, by Tim Zimmerman    31,25    
     This is Catamaran Sailing, (beach cats), by Enzman     19.95
     Trimaran Construction, by Ed Horstman     19,75
195     Trimaran Sailing, by Ed Horstman     16,00
353     Trimaran Sails the Seven Seas, By Jerry Heutink     20,35
390     Two Girls, Two Catamarans, by James Wharram     28,00
373     Using GPS, 2nd Edition, by Conrad Dixon     20,65
200     We, The Navigators, by Dr. David Lewis,     35,10
374     Weather Handbook, The, 2nd Edition, by Alan Watts     24,95
203     Wharram Design Book, The     12,50
207     World Cruising Routes, 5th Edition, by Jimmy Cornell     62,45
     Wreck and Resurrection, by David Harris     20,35
276     Yacht Designs of Roger Simpson, The, by R. Simpson     16,00
    Yacht Hi-Jack, by Ralph Stephenson     27,20
257     Yachting Guide to the ABC Islands, by Gerard van Erp     21,20
443     Yachting Signal Book, by J.R. Collier     13,15
469     Yachtsman’s Ten Language Dictionary, by Webb & Manton     14,50

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