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The Yacht Designs of Simpson Design

by Roger Simpson

Simpson’s opening statement is: If you are busy collecting design brochures from designers before making your final choice:

“You should collect them all. You’ll note our approach is somewhat different and we indicate those differences.” He stresses simplicity... and explains the difference between hi-tech versus “appropriate technology.” For learning the strip-planking technique he offers the 15' Skid Row Canoe. You make all your little errors on this before you start your dreamboat.

Then he shows numerous of his cruising designs, which he is so well known for. Roger Simpson has a knack for explaining – with great clarity – which is what makes his other book “Simpson On Boat­building” so sought after (also available from MM).

#276 Softcover, 8 1/2" x 11 3/4", 46pp …....Eur 16,00

Yacht Hi-Jack

by Ralph Stephenson

An explosive cocktail of sex, drugs and danger on the high seas...

Newlyweds Linda and Martin Firth set out to track down Linda’s
beautiful but wayward older sister who had disappeared under
mysterious cir­cumstances while crewing as an extra hand on
the yacht Milady’s return from Baltimore in the U.S. to Plymouth,
England. They soon find themselves embroiled in the dangerous
and murky world of drug-running.

Ralph Stephenson was born in New Zealand and started sailing
in Hong Kong. He worked as a civil servant, and then in London
for the British Film Institute. He is an author of thrillers as well
as books on sailing and the cinema. Most familiar to multihull
enthusiasts through his book “7000 Miles in a Trimaran.”

#246 Hardcover, 5 1/2" x 8 3/4", 171 pp …Eur 27,20

Yachting Guide To The ABC Islands – 1997/1998 Edition

by Gerard van Erp

The new Yachting Guide to the ABC Islands efficiently provides the visitors and cruising sailors with the “local knowledge” and sailing instructions they appreciate.

The ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, are being more and more frequented by visiting yachts, so the color reproduction of the official Dutch marine charts (with permission), are most useful. Although marked “not for navigation” the detail – especially the harbor charts, allow the frugal sailor to avoid purchasing full-sized charts.

The appendices list useful GPS coordinates and a handy conversion table for wind speeds, com­paring Beaufort references to knots, km/h, mph and meters/second. Curaçao has an excellent hurricane hole and the only haul-out facilities on the three islands.

#257 Softcover, 6 1/2" x 9", 96 pp, with colored Dutch marine charts

 ...… Eur 21,20   

Yachting Signal Book        by J. R. Collier

The art of communicating at sea with speed and precision developed quite early, in response to necessity. In naval history, it can be said that the development of code flags was every bit as important as the development of the cannon.
Even today warships continue to maintain national signal codes, and all merchant vessels are equipped to use the International Code of Signals.
However, among the principal users of signal flags nowadays, are pleasure boaters. In addition to electronic communications, members of prestigious yacht clubs that are steeped in nautical tradition, use flags widely, as do race committees wherever boats are raced. Anyone who has witnessed a yachting event will attest to the fact that these colorful silent signals are not only displayed with gusto, but also heighten the pageantry of the event.
Until now there has not been a universal code of signals for the recreational boater. The Yachting Signal Book uniquely provides just that. Its particular emphasis is on encoding and decoding flags and radio signals to relay messages between vessels, individually or in group formation.  It also includes such topics as the techniques of signaling, protocols of flag usage, signaling about administrative matters and social affairs, and maneuvering instructions for racing and ceremonial events. It deals with emergency situations and their relationship to the Inter­national Code of Signals and the Rules of the Road.
This thorough and comprehensive book will deservedly take its place in the libraries of sailors and other nautical-minded persons, and will become an indispensable guide for the increasing number of people who enter and enjoy the wonderful world of yachting.
About the author: Capt. James R. Collier, USN (Ret.), commanded amphibious forces, a service force, and destroyer type ships and units in WW II, Korea and Vietnam.
He has participated in sail racing and in organized cruising, as well as in major yachting events in the Puget Sound area. He was one of the founders of the Chicago to Great Lakes Cutlass Race.

#443 Hardcover, 118 pp …...was: $17.50 …...NOW: Eur 13,15

Yachtsman’s Ten Language Dictionary – Revised Edition

by Barbara Webb & Michael Manton

This new edition has been extensively revised, updated and expanded to meet the needs of today’s cruising skippers. English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Turkish. There are over 600 new terms for electrical/electronic and mechanical equipment and fiberglass boat construction. Carefully arranged chapters: Emergencies, Formalities, In Harbor, The Boat, The Engine & Drive System, Steering, Refrigeration, In the Shipyard, At Sea, Navigation and General Reference.

#469 Softcover, 8 1/2” x 6 1/2", 224 pp …...Eur 14,50  (NL Uitgave/edition)

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